“What motivates the motivator?” Once a month we have a super achiever share his or her thoughts and some of the challenges they’ve had to overcome in their lives. It’s a nice relaxed way to meet other business owners in the community. Seating is limited. 
Bruce Buck

Pre-pay for the next Upcoming Speaker ($12): Includes dinner and non-alcoholic beverage to hosting restaurant – Tip excluded

Upcoming Speakers

October – To be determined



Past Speakers

Don Willis – Engineering, Jim Bradley – Century 21, Jay Leonard – Preferred Automotive Group, Dennis Oberlin – SCORE, James Schindler (watch presentation)- Founder of Bandido’s, Dan Copeland – Business People Magazine, Keith Busse – Steel Dynamics, Chuck Surack -Sweetwater, Bob Taylor – Do It Best Corp, Tobias (Toby) Buck – Founder Paragon Medical, Paul Saalfield – Century 2, Tom Ellis – Ellis Co, Gordon Bell – A former CEO turned adviser, Col. Renwick – Commander of the 122 Fighter Wing Base, Dan Replogle – Midwest Business Brokers,  Julie Inskeep – Journal Gazette Publisher, Walter Riebenack – Attorney & Bank President, Kevin Smith – Ossian Furniture & OFD Total Home, Mike Cahill – CEO PHP (watch presentation), Dan Surface – Surface DJ, Craig Hartman – Preferred Acquisitions, Scott McCord – Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives,

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